Theater! Plays! Talkies!

Here are my plays that have been performed around New York.

I have a hard time summing up my own work, so I'll leave it to my friend Katie, who once described my plays as "exploring relationships and narcissism in the time of social media, indecision in an era of infinite possibility, the road taken (or not taken), ambition that burns bright even as it feels thwarted, millennials seeking the meaning of it all, people yearning for a small connection that can transform their lives—or maybe just make that day brighter. They're full of searchers and creative souls and digital wizards, would-be lovers and lonely hearts, hipsters and actors and an occasional celebrity cameo."

The celebrity cameos arrive in "Ethan Hawke Walks Into a Bar" and "Peeing Next to Greatness." The greatness, of course, is in reference to Meryl Streep.



George and Sally on the Moon
Staged reading at The Barrington Collective's "Love Struck" Series
March 18, 2018
The West Side Comedy Club

Hank told George that the Moon was made of cheese. George dragged Sally there to find out the truth.

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Did You See?

Nylon Fusion Theatre Company's "This Round's On Us: Redacted Festival: The C Word"
December 1 and 2, 2017
TADA! Theater

Did you see the latest disaster? Did you see this? Did you see that? When breaking news comes fast and furious, two journalists in a newsroom must cope with becoming desensitized to it all.

Excuse Me, Mr. Brantley?

Staged reading at Wild Project in New York City during the 17th Annual Cherry Picking Festival 
August 29, 2017
Written by Kara Cutruzzula
Featuring Emily Epstein and Kevin Jones

A young woman desperately wants to be the new theater critic at the New York Times, but first she has to jump through Ben Brantley's theatrical hoops.


Staged reading at Lucky Jack's Bar in New York City, produced by The Barrington Collective
March 19, 2017
Written by Kara Cutruzzula
Directed by Samantha Marsh
Featuring Linda Elizabeth, Cesar Muñoz, and Mikey Perdue

Some people are always early. Some people are always late. Two strangers and earlybirds commiserate over their friends' flakiness and end up finding connection at the most unexpected place of all: Sunday brunch.


When to Quit

Monologue performed at ESPA/Primary Stages' Detention Series #38 at Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City
December 16, 2016
Written by Kara Cutruzzula
Directed by Evan Cummings
Featuring Adriana Jones

"You can’t fire me. And no, I’m not going to say, 'because I quit.' I’m not a secretary from a 1987 workplace comedy. You can’t fire me because I have done nothing wrong. Reread the employee handbook. Go on, I’ll wait. You won’t find a single rule that I’ve broken, and if you try to tell me otherwise, oh, be prepared for a fight..."


I Want to Believe (in Love)

The Apartment Theater in Brooklyn, performed after Amy Herzog's "508"
December 1-10, 2016
Written by Kara Cutruzzula
Directed by Eric Cotti and Kara Cutruzzula
Featuring Eric Cotti and Chelsea J. Smith

An X-Files super fan is visited one night by an alien seeking an answer to the question “What is love?”

Strangers in the Night

Winner for Best Director
Finalist for Best Play

The Secret Theatre's LIC One-Act Festival in Long Island City, Queens
November 2 to 13, 2016
Written and directed by Kara Cutruzzula
Featuring Lindsay Brooke Davis, Jordan Douglas Smith, and Carl Zurhorst

When Wendy returns home from a bad date, she finds her Internet is down and has a life-altering conversation with a Time Warner Cable guy.


Bigfoot Goes to Work

ESPA/Primary Stages' Detention Series #36 at Jimmy's No. 43 in New York City
October 4, 2016
Written by Kara Cutruzzula
Directed by Eric Cotti
Featuring Stuart Green, Evan White, and Jasmine Rush

You've heard of bro culture. How about bigfoot culture? A monster-man's swift rise through the corporate ranks sidelines his (much) more experienced female coworker.

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Dot Dot Dot

Finalist for Best Play

Manhattan Repertory Theatre's 10-Minute Play Competition in New York City
July 8 to 15, 2016
Written and directed by Kara Cutruzzula
Featuring Ines Storani and Manu Menon

This is about Lucy and Tyler and how the things we say (or don’t say) over text message have ripple effects.

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Shark Tank: The Truelogy Episode

ESPA/Primary Stages' Detention Series #29 at Jimmy's No. 43 in New York City
July 8, 2015
Written by Kara Cutruzzula
Directed by Eric Cotti
Featuring Claire Buckingham, Kaitlyn Fouts, Dani Martineck, and Nicky Romaniello

Two starry-eyed wannabe entrepreneurs pitch Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran their revolutionary new idea for an app obsessed with death—which is all about reminding you how much time you're wasting when you're alive.