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A Vignette about New York...

THE NEW YORK TIMES Everyone's a Critic on St. Felix Street

Film, Television & Theater...

THE DAILY BEAST The Best Outdoor Theaters Around the World
VULTURE Suffragette’s Carey Mulligan on Why Hollywood Pay-Gap Talk ‘Shouldn’t Be a Self-Serving Thing’
VULTURE Your Guide to Mile-High Binge-Watching This Summer
VULTURE Finally, a Summer Movie Season for Women
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Meryl Streep Wails in Ricki and the Flash
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Amy Schumer's Trainwreck Is a Manifesto for the Modern Woman
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT May the Force Be with Amy Schumer
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Why Pitch Perfect 2 Will Be the Summer's Most Radical Movie
THRILLIST I've Never Seen Game of Thrones and It's Ruining My Life
ESQUIRE David Duchovny on Learning to Sing, His Album, and the X-Files Revival
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Lessons for Mad Men's Peggy Olson from Her Alter-Ego, Heidi Holland
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Television Is the Antidote to #OscarSoWhite
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT A Woman's Place Is Not on Late-Night TV
FUSION Mindy Kaling: People want women of color to play roles other than terrorists
VULTURE Shonda Rhimes at the Vulture Festival
VULTURE X-Files Creator Chris Carter Doesn’t Want You to Call the Show’s Return a ‘Reboot’
VULTURE 12 Things We Learned From The X-Files New York Comic Con Screening
VULTURE 20 Awesomely Absurd X-Files Fan-Fic Crossovers
VULTURE Chris Carter on The X-Files, His Sopranos Jealousy and Rewriting Vince Gilligan
VULTURE Chris Carter Is Developing a Mysterious New Show for AMC
THE DAILY BEAST A Complete Analysis of the Drinking Habits on Mad Men

A Word or Two About Books...

THE DAILY BEAST New York's Great Big City Book Club
AUDIBLE RANGE Around the World in 8 Listens
AUDIBLE RANGE Kitchen Aids: 10 Listens to Inspire Better Cooking (and Eating)
AUDIBLE RANGE 5 Books That Make Us Love This Planet Even More
AUDIBLE RANGE A Novel Approach to Spring Cleaning
AUDIBLE RANGE What the F*@k Was My New Year Resolution Again?
AUDIBLE RANGE An Audiobook Virgin On Finding Her Perfect Match
TIME The Last 100 Years of Self Help
FUSION What Shonda Rhimes Taught Me About Saying "Yes"
THE DAILY BEAST How to Hack Your Bad Habits: A Review of Gretchen Rubin's Book Better Than Before
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT The Many Acts of Multifaceted Padma Lakshmi
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT The Long, Complicated Truth About Mariel Hemingway
THE DAILY BEAST How to Get Over Cary Grant

Artists, Photographers, Designers...

NEWSWEEK Screenwriter John August on Moving Big Fish to Broadway
NEWSWEEK A Portrait of the 'Afghan Girl' Photojournalist Steve McCurry
NEWSWEEK An Interview with George Lois, the Original Ad Man
NEWSWEEK Woman of Steel Miya Ando Turns Metal Into Art
NEWSWEEK MoMA's Rain Room Is Rainy With a Chance of Art
NEW YORK POST Fashion Week Has the Munchies
THE DAILY BEAST Garage Magazine's Very Modern Nursery-Rhyme Cover

Creative Folks & Inspiring Stories...

MAGENTA Stop-Motion Animation Good Enough to Eat
MAGENTA What Makes a Great Tour Poster
MAGENTA Engineering Community with Social Roboticist Heather Knight
MAGENTA The Rise of the Designer as Life Coach
FUSION There's a Commencement Speech Gender Gap
MEDIUM How to Stop Waiting and Start Moving
MEDIUM How Writing to My Future Self Changed My Life
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Jill Dodd's Journey from Model to "Pleasure Wife" to Fashion Designer
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT 11 Commencement Speeches Given by Women This Year That Deserve an Encore
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Iasia Sweeting: ‘I was literally stolen from my life’
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Wife of Putin critic says being poisoned twice won’t stop his fight for democracy
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Shooting survivor Felicia Sanders: ‘Forgiveness is not for that person — forgiveness is for you’
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Scarlett Johansson finds Ivanka Trump ‘old fashioned, uninspired, and cowardly’
MAXIM Bella Thorne Really, Really Doesn't Care What You Think About Her
TOWN & COUNTRY Here's What Bill Clinton Is Doing Now
THE DAILY BEAST Africa's Siren of Song, Angélique Kidjo, Represents Women the World Over
THE DAILY BEAST Annie Leibovitz and Tina Brown on Pilgrimage, Photography and Vanity Fair
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Tavi Gevinson Writes Her Future
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Generation Katniss: Unique, Uber-Connected, and Terribly Anxious
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT Barbra Streisand: Stop Marginalizing Heart Disease
WOMEN IN THE WORLD/NYT The Remarkable Story of a 21-Year-Old Defector from North Korea
DUJOUR Live from the Hill: Dana Bash on How Congress Really Operates
REFINERY29 Month of Visionaries Series
REFINERY29 Cara Chard: Turning NYC Rooftops Into Local Farms
REFINERY29 For Sarah Ryhanen, Petals Are Her Paints
REFINERY29 Meet Jonah Bokaer, the Bright, Shiny Future of Dance
REFINERY29 Jane McGonigal, the Coolest Science Geek We Know
REFINERY29 Introducing Nail Art Savant Sharmadean Reid
REFINERY29 Tasting Notes: California's Hippest Winemakers
REFINERY29 Daniel Arsham Is Hedi Slimane's Go-To Artist
REFINERY29 Nico Muhly, the Great Maestro of the Lower East Side
REFINERY29 Leila Janah's Start-Up Aims to Change Nairobi
REFINERY29 SoulCycle's Founding Spin Doctors
REFINERY29 Decoded Founder Kathryn Parsons Breaks Down Barriers
REFINERY29 Photographer Tim Barber Is a Traditionalist
REFINERY29 Star Astrologer Susan Miller Spills All
REFINERY29 Thinking Big Picture with Lawyer Heather Warnken

Marathon Madness, Running & Fitness...

MEL MAGAZINE Watching This Guy Balance on Weird Shit Will Teach You How to Live
AUDIBLE RANGE 8 Books for Every Type of Runner
RUNNER'S WORLD I Love My Running Bitch Face
MEN'S JOURNAL Wave, Nod, or Ignore? In the Wake of Crimes, Should Men Acknowledge Women Runners?
MEN'S JOURNAL Meet Four Paralympians Who Would Have Taken Gold at the Able-Bodied Olympics
SHAPE I Tried Planking 5 Minutes Every Day for a Month
SHAPE Why I'm Obsessed with This Chia Gel
SHAPE 6 Things I Wish I'd Known About Running When I First Started
SHAPE Why I'm Jealous of New Runners
SHAPE An Open Letter to Every Runner Who Thinks She Can't Run Long
SHAPE An Open Letter to Every Runner Working Through an Injury
SHAPE An Open Letter to Runners Who Think They're "Too Slow"
SHAPE Why Half Marathons Are the Best Distance Ever
SHAPE Why Seeing a Pair of Sneakers Made Me Cry
SHAPE How One Woman Met the Love of Her Life During a 5K
SHAPE How a Fitness Retreat Helped Me Get Out of My Wellness Rut
SHAPE Things That Go Through Your Mind on Marathon Training Rest Days
SHAPE 9 Reasons Why Every Runner Needs to Do Hill Training
SHAPE 10 Things You Should Never Say to an Injured Runner
SHAPE 7 Honest Thoughts You Have During a Humid Run
SHAPE 7 Weird Things That Runners Do
SHAPE 5 Reasons Mornings Are the Best Time to Run
FITNESS 9 Reasons Every Runner Must Try Yoga
FITNESS 10 Unexpected Ways Your Life Changes During Marathon Training
FITNESS Every Runner's Internal Monologue Before Race Day
FITNESS 7 Reasons to Run in a New City
FITNESS 8 Things Worse Than Post-Marathon Soreness
FITNESS 7 Pieces of Running Gear We Wish Actually Existed
FITNESS 10 Things Even Introverts Can Learn from Group Running
FUSION What Happens When You Stop Doing the Thing You Love

Entrepreneurs, Business & Work Culture...

MONEY Inside Suze Orman's Fabulous Retirement on a Private Island in the Bahamas
MAGENTA The Eternal Struggle to Battle Creation and Consumption
MAGENTA Zen and the Art of Designing Start-Ups
LIFEHACKER How to Negotiate After You've Lowballed Yourself into a Crummy Salary
LIFEHACKER How to Break Up with a Toxic Work Friend
THE BRIDGE 8 Career Tips for New York's Hottest Tech Companies
THE BRIDGE 9 Ways to Make Work More Human
THE BRIDGE When Art and Tech Make a Perfect Marriage
THE BRIDGE Why Are 8,000 Women on This Club's Waitlist?
THE BRIDGE This Brooklyn Ad Firm Has No Respect for Boundaries
THE BRIDGE How to Build a Bicycle Company in 12 Easy Lessons
THE BRIDGE Sweet Spot: 7 Ways an Ad Agency Thrives in Brooklyn
THE BRIDGE Ten Things the HR People Are Thinking About You
THE BRIDGE Wearing Their Art on Your Sleeve, With Purpose
THE BRIDGE How to Pitch Your Food Startup in Two Minutes
THE BRIDGE Glasses Made in Brooklyn, Right in Front of Your Eyes
THE BRIDGE Dot & Line Is the Coffee Shop Brooklyn Needs
THE BRIDGE Last Hurrah for the Dazzling Business of the Circus
THE BRIDGE How Megpies Went from Front Stoop to Starbucks
FORTUNE How One Entrepreneur Turned Her Homemade Tarts into a Starbucks Treat (syndicated from The Bridge)
THE BRIDGE How Ample Hills Nails the Cultural Zeitgeist

Food, Food & More Food...

THE BRIDGE Dumbo's Dramatic New Waterfront Dining Empire
THE BRIDGE Tales from the Front Lines of a Restaurant Start-up
THE BRIDGE Inside DeKalb Market Hall, Brooklyn's Disneyland of Food
TASTING TABLE How to Fight Back Against SDL (Sad Desk Lunch)
EXTRA CRISPY The Particular Joy of the Office Bagel
THE DAILY BEAST Rodrigo de la Calle's Is Spain's Vegetable Whisperer
THE DAILY BEAST Limepocalypse! Inside the Great Lime Shortage of 2014
NEWSWEEK Chicken Sashimi Is the Other Pink Meat
NEWSWEEK Ditch the Soy Milk—Almond Milk Is King
NEWSWEEK Rhubarb Isn't Just for Pie Anymore
GOTHAMIST Why I Made a 24-Hour Donut Pilgrimage to Philly
DUJOUR Ready, Set, Forage: How the World's Best Chefs Cook Raw
DUJOUR Please Pass the Duck Fat Cookies
MUSES & VISIONARIES The Never-Ending Passions of Padma Lakshmi

Travel Adventures, City Guides & Lots of Time on Trains...

NEWSWEEK Stories from My Zambian Safari in South Luangwa National Park
NEWSWEEK Cross-Country by Train is the Most Charming Ride of a Lifetime
NEWSWEEK Nobu Nation: The Restauranteur Expands to Hospitality
NEWSWEEK At Baha Mar, Planning for an Arts Renaissance
THE DAILY BEAST Biking with the Bard: A Shakespearean Cycling Journey Through England
THE DAILY BEAST One First-Timer's Adventures in Culebra and Puerto Rico
DUJOUR Seeking Calm in the Concrete Jungle
DUJOUR A Serenity Scavenger Hunt on Bali, the Island of the Gods
DUJOUR Room Request! The London Edition
DUJOUR George Clooney's Lake Como Playbook
DUJOUR New York vs. Puerto Rico: Polar Vortex Edition
DUJOUR The French (Cruise) Connection
DUJOUR A Tale of Three Staycations Around New York City
DUJOUR Las Vegas Lockdown: I Spent 72 Hours at the Wynn and Encore
DUJOUR The Dream Houses of China
GOTHAMIST Riding Amtrak Cross-Country: 6 Myths Debunked
GOTHAMIST A Zambian Safari: By the Numbers
GOTHAMIST I Went to RiRi's Homeland in Search of Adventure
GOTHAMIST Quebec City Is a Winter Wonderland
GOTHAMIST The Most Charming Man in Venice Isn't George Clooney
GOTHAMIST Sailing in Newport for Dummies
GOTHAMIST Six Reasons to Take the Train to Montreal
QANTAS TRAVEL INSIDER New York City Guide: Hotels, Restaurants, Activities
THE DODO 12 Unusual Animal Sculptures Lurking in New York
REFINERY29 29 Amazing Places You Must Visit in 2013

Newsweek's "My Favorite Mistake" Column...

NEWSWEEK Spanx Founder Sara Blakely on an On-Air Slip-Up
NEWSWEEK Violinist Joshua Bell on His Disastrous First Competition
NEWSWEEK Sir Richard Branson on Capsizing His Boat
NEWSWEEK Homeland's Damian Lewis on Sleeping Through Shakespeare
NEWSWEEK Penny Marshall on Getting Pregnant at 19
NEWSWEEK Jeff Probst on Becoming a Relationship Guru
NEWSWEEK Nina Arianda on a Mortifying Wardrobe Malfunction
NEWSWEEK Eli Broad's Billion-Dollar Screw-Up
NEWSWEEK Jason Schwartzman on the Worst Massage of His Life
NEWSWEEK James Earl Jones on Going Toe-to-Toe for Shakespeare
NEWSWEEK John Grisham on Giving Away First Editions
NEWSWEEK Aerosmith's Steven Tyler on Dressing Like a Lady
NEWSWEEK Real-Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran on the "Nun from Hell"