I'm a big fan of experimenting, trying, maybe failing. Here are some wee shorts I wrote and directed that were all about experimenting.



With all the options in New York City, is date night at the Olive Garden ever a good idea? The original version of this video was created for Vimeo's Weekend Challenge about dating. This is an extended cut (which clocks in at a lean 3:42). Starring Eric Cotti (my brother!).

The Run Up

This little 30-second number was created for Vimeo's Weekend Challenge "Let's Get Vertical," which asked for videos shot in portrait mode. This is a filmmaking sin? But the narrow and confined space made me think about actions that engage in a forward and/or up-and-down motion: namely, running.


Five seconds. That's all the time you get to decide what to eat for lunch. Do I dare? This was created for Vimeo's Weekend Challenge "Lunch." (No fishes were harmed in the making of this film. They were already dead and shoveled into little tins long before I turned on the iPhone.)

The 32 Step Commute

Sometimes, if you're really lucky, you can get Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to star in your short film. Guess I was born under a lucky lucky constellation then. This less-than-a-minute short was created for Vimeo's Weekend Challenge "Commutes."

Windows (Or...Training, Planing, and Boating Through Utah, Zambia, Scotland, Iceland, Bali, Kenya, California, and Oregon On My Way Home)

Cameras can have interesting leftovers bits and baubles. This was created for Vimeo's Weekend Challenge "Stredit." The video is supposed to be a compilation of all the stray clips on your camera, edited in the order you shot them. Look at the lil' elephants!


Sometimes fruit has a mind of its own. For this Vimeo Weekend Challenge entry called "Short Cuts," videos were supposed to created using one-second clips, and no more than 30 seconds total in length.

The Story Behind The Daily Slog

In September 2015 I wrote 30 short scripts in 30 days, called it my "Daily Slog," and posted them all online. Here's a video I made for a fellowship entry explaining that process.