Oh boy, a lot has happened

Oh boy, a lot has happened

Hello! 2018 is spinning like a top! What's going on?

On the journalism front...
For The Bridge, I covered a local Brooklyn news site's last-ditch effort to raise funds, one of my favorite cafe's unfortunate demise, and some of the borough's amazing old-school businesses, including a killer handmade pasta shop in Park Slope. I witnessed (and ate) the world's largest bagel-and-lox sandwich in Greenpoint, nosed around opening day of the new Whole Foods 365 in Fort Greene, and toured The Wing's gorgeous new co-working space in Dumbo.

For Shape, I overdosed on Christmas music to bring you the best holiday music to run to this winter (perhaps best to save this playlist until next year...).

For Audible Range, I wrote about the awkwardness of holiday get-togethers—and recommended six books to spark conversations with any family member.

If you're on the job hunt, I wrote about how to search for a dream gig (without waiting for a listing) for Lifehacker.

If you want to be happier in the job you currently have, I wrote the first "Dear Ted" column for TED Ideas on how to buck up in the office.

I'm also back on the travel beat, writing for The Points Guy about the 7 types of people you'll see on flights and hanging around airports, the dos and don'ts of Instagramming your triphow to travel in economy and actually enjoy it, and why you should talk to strangers when you travel. I also reviewed Arlo Skye's check-in bag, some amazing travel cubes,  the new FOX show LA to Vegas. Oh, and Barbara Corcoran shared with me her most impressive travel hacks, including a rolling clothes in dry-cleaning bags move that changed the way I looked at the world.

For The Daily Beast's new Scouted section, I wrote about a timer that scares me into being productive and the best merch for this year's Oscar movies, including a squishable peach....

In one of my favorite recent pieces, I wrote about what I learned from keeping a failure thread in 2017. (165 creative failures is a lot of failures, but I lived.)

On the newsletter front...
My daily newsletter Brass Ring Daily was recommended in Lifehacker as one writer's favorite newsletter to subscribe to!

I was the guest curator of things-you-should-read in The New York Times' very fun Smarter Living section—and Brass Ring Daily got a nice mention as well!

I've also been working as a freelance editor for various sites and magazines and businesses to keep that ol' editing side of the brain sharp.

On the theater front...
One of my latest short plays "Did You See?" was featured and produced at Nylon Fusion Theatre Company's "This Round's On Us: Redacted Festival: The C Word" for two nights in December at TADA! Theater.

My monologue "Cuffing Season" was performed by the very talented Amanda Bruton at Cherry Lane Theater, as part of ESPA/Primary Stages' "Home for the Holidays" Detention series.

Early in 2018, another short play called "Flower Farm" was chosen for Step1 Theater Project's R&D (Reading and Drinking) Series as part of a developmental workshop and reading—a very helpful and generous space.

And another short play, George and Sally on the Moon, will be featured in The Barrington Collective's next night of staged readings on March 18.

On the "file under Other" front...
I wrapped up my 10-week series at Droga5 called the D5in10 Academy, a deep dive into the advertising agency world where I got an up-close view of art direction, copywriting, and how to write taglines that don't suck.

My monthly Brass Ring Summit for writers, creatives, and people working on projects they care about, had its 24th incarnation last month. That's a lot of pizza. A lot of good people. And a lot of connection.

In conclusion...
There were also a lot of failures, missed opportunities, rejected pitches, promises broken to myself, and on and on. But progress is progress is progress. I'm going to keep making and trying. Won't you?

PS — I also got a Porg! We have a daily lunch series on Instagram Stories. Basically, he drinks and gets angry. Follow us.

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