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Boy oh boy, it's been a busy two months and we're due for a big fat recap. Ready?

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The milestone...
My newsletter Brass Ring Daily hit issue no. 200! Writing to other people about finding balance and creativity in their work lives (as I try to find it in my own) has been surprising, gratifying, and never actually feels like work.

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One big story...
I wrote a cover story for Money magazine about Suze Orman's retired life on an island in the Bahamas. She rides around on a golf cart, fishes up to eight hours a day, and reaaaally knows how to live. This one about "The Money Lady" was quite fun.

Many more stories...
I've also cast my writing and reporting net far and wide, writing stories about...

— the model Jill Dodd, who went from being the "pleasure wife" of a Saudi billionaire to the world-famous fashion designer behind ROXY (for Women in the World/NYT)

— how to break up with a toxic work friend and how to negotiate after you've lowballed yourself into a crummy salary (for Lifehacker)

— the creative processes of Becca Clason, a stop-motion animation artist who works with food, and Kelly Robinson, a talented designer who creates office environments for start-ups (for Magenta)

— what books you should listen to while running, what fuel I'm obsessed with while running, and why planking for five minutes a day maybe wasn't my best idea ever (for Audible Range and Shape)

— I also reviewed a bunch of wonderful travel books (for Audible Range), checked out Dumbo's dramatic new dining empire, and learned how to make work more human and gleaned career tips at two Brooklyn conferences (for The Bridge)

Learning things...
In my ongoing effort to be a multidisciplinary writer, I applied and was accepted into the D5in10 Academy, a new program for people with nontraditional backgrounds started by the hot-as-fire advertising agency Droga5. The 10-week course involves writin' taglines, dreamin' up ideas, and fulfillin' my goal of finally becoming Peggy Olson. It's been an invaluable peek into the agency world.


Good news...
My Gilmore Girls spec script "Four Gilmores and a Funeral" was a second-rounder in the Austin Film Festival competition. Perhaps it's time to write another episode, this one with a pregnant Rory?!

Upcoming theater things...
My latest short play, which is set in a newsroom and is called "Did You See?" will be performed at Nylon Fusion Theatre Company's upcoming "This Round's On Us: Redacted Festival" on December 1 and 2. Tickets on sale soon!

I'm also writing a new monologue for a talented actor in ESPA/Primary Stages' upcoming Detention series called "Home for the Holidays." The night of monologues will be performed December 3 at the Cherry Lane Theatre.

That's all for now...
Sometimes it's hard to imagine how all these random puzzle pieces fit together, but I'm always comforted by this Steve Jobs quote: "You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."

So here's hoping that you, too, are looking forward to connecting all the backwards dots in your life.

Oh boy, a lot has happened

Oh boy, a lot has happened

Tales from a Carroll Gardens newbie

Tales from a Carroll Gardens newbie